COM-2 Requirement

Language has become more and more important as the world for which students are preparing themselves has placed increasing demands upon them to understand the national and cultural perspectives of other language groups. The knowledge of a second language is critical for achieving such understanding as well as for exposing the learner to other cultures, in ancient or contemporary guise, that he or she may encounter after graduation. For these reasons, the faculty expects all students to demonstrate functional ability in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in a modern language other than English or in reading and writing in a classical language. These abilities are appraised either at entrance or through introductory and intermediate courses. Students may satisfy this graduation requirement by taking one of these courses in LALIS or by placing into a course at a higher level.

LAIS 221

Intensive Intermediate Spanish with Practicum

Stresses further development of language production and reception skills through expanded creative activities including class discussions, written compositions, and in-class presentations. The cultural component includes readings, films, and Web-based authentic materials from the Spanish-speaking world. Taught in Spanish, with two additional weekly practice sessions.

LAIS 231

Intensive Intermediate Portuguese

Reinforcement and further development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Portuguese; detailed survey/study of Lusophone cultures.